Friday, February 05, 2010

Soldiers and Super Bowl Sunday

Soon it will be Super Bowl Sunday! We've been collecting some fun information for you about this near-holiday in the United States. We hope you're planning a fun time with friends to watch the big game.

First, and most importantly, who will you be rooting for on Sunday?  Take our quick poll and let us know where your loyalties lie: 

Next on the list?  Get your snack on!  Enjoy these tips and recipes from your DeCA Dietitian: 

According to food industry surveys, along with chips and dips, one of the most popular foods for a Super Bowl party is pizza. Yes, you can always order in, but it will cost you. So, check out the easy pizza recipes featured this week from your DeCA Dietitian – you might decide to make it at home so you can “have it your way” and save lots of dough at the same time.

We're glad to know that many of our deployed troops will get to watch, too! 

When millions of Americans gather around their TV sets this weekend for Super Bowl XLIV, they’ll have lots of company from U.S. forces around the world and at sea, thanks to the American Forces Radio and Television Service.  AFRTS has been delivering the game live for the past 43 years.

The full game, including the pre-game show, will be beamed by satellite to American Forces Network viewers and American Forces Radio listeners in 175 countries and aboard Navy ships at sea!
Another great story about how the NFL and the US Army are working together to raise awareness about PTSD, depression, and TBI: 

US Army and the NFL: A Winning Team

When thinking about comparisons, it is rare one would think to compare the National Football League to the U.S. Army. One provides entertainment on Sundays, Mondays (and a few Thursdays) while one provides national security and protection seven days a week.

Nevertheless, there is one issue they have in common that affects both in very serious way-tramatic brain injuries. And although the injuries occur in extremely different situations, they are equally serious and important. This is why the NFL is teaming up with the U.S. Army to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and brain injuries in servicemembers.

There are some great video clips of NLF heroes on DoDvClips showing their appreciation to our troops!  Over and over, you'll hear "You are the true heroes" from these players to our troops.  Good stuff here:

NFL Shout-Out Videos on DoDvClips!

Other than one slightly misguided NFL player who said "Go Navy, Beat Army" (we're sure that's not really what he meant), this is a great video with the two Super Bowl competitors giving thanks to our troops.  Enjoy!


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