Monday, February 08, 2010

For the Love of Army Kids

As Valentine's Day draws near, parents will be searching for just the right goody for their little sweethearts.  Chocolates, stuffed bears, and frilly heart-shaped cards will be greeted with big smiles on the 14th of February.

At Army Well-Being, we're continuously looking for the best news, tips, resources, and ideas to serve our Soldiers and their Families.  Because we know just how precious your little 'valentines' are to you, here are some of the latest and greatest posts especially for our Army parents.

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Military Families Get Free Access to Caregiver Network

Did you know?  Military Families now have free access to an online network of quality caregivers who can assist with everything from babysitting to dog walking!  Sittercity is the nation’s largest online source for local babysitters, nannies, elder care providers, dog walkers, housekeepers, and tutors, and contains more than a million caregiver profiles.  The Sittercity Corporate Program, funded by the Defense Department, offers military Families — including active duty, Guard, and Reserve — with a paid membership to the site.

Protect the Ones You Love: Prevent Road Traffic Injuries

The CDC gives us a startling statistic:  Every hour, 150 children between ages 0 and 19 are treated in emergency departments for injuries sustained in motor vehicle crashes. More children ages 5 to 19 die from crash-related injuries than from any other type of injury.  Read more on how parents can ensure the safety of their children on the road.

Patriotic, Active Kids Suffer Less Deployment Stress

Adolescents who believe that America supports the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and that Soldiers are making a difference in the world are less likely to suffer from anxiety and stress when their parent deploys.  The research -- conducted by Army War College researcher Leonard Wong -- revealed that strong Army Families and increased activity by children also reduced the level of stress.

10 Ways to Stay Connected to Your Kids During Deployment

Most of us don't want to think about deployment and time away from the Family, especially at Valentine's.  But, deployment can be tough on important relationships if you aren't prepared.  Read these 10 great tips that can help you and your Family to make it through deployment.


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