Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Guest Bloggers ... Report for Duty!

We are hosting guest bloggers at Army Well-Being and would love to include YOU.  If you are a blogger (or just have great stories to tell), let us know!  We accept entries from US Army Soldiers, spouses, Family members, support organizations, and troop supporters.

Most importantly ...

We focus on news, information, stories, and tips that are helpful for US Army Soldiers and their Families.

If you have a story to tell that fits that criteria, we want YOU!  Read on for more details.

Guest bloggers must:

  • be the original author of the posts (no duplicates of other stories/posts)
  • provide information/resources relevant to US Army Soldiers/Families
  • agree to have a post duplicated on the Army Well-Being blog
  • agree to have their blog (or website or Twitter account) linked on the Army Well-Being blog
  • provide a photo to include with the blog post (preferably a personal photo)
Are you interested in sharing some of your Army stories?  The best blog entries also fit some other basic criteria:

  • Between 500 - 1000 words
  • Free of grammatical and spelling errors
  • Written in first person (I experienced this ... I have a story to share ...)
  • Personal account of Army life
  • Educational and interesting to Soldiers and Families 
Here's how it works:
We would post your entry on our blog then link back to your blog. We would also feature your post through our Facebook page and Twitter account.
For an examples of guest postings, see these great posts:

 If you are interested, please send us the URL links you think would be most relevant along with one photo for each posting. You can also email us your post in a Word document with a photo attached.
Thanks for considering this opportunity ... we love to tell the Army story and appreciate YOU for your service and sacrifice.

Please email us at, "like" us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter!

And as always, visit us online at


Army Well-Being said...

Wow. Reading through these guest blog posts is like listing the "Who's Who" of milblogging! Great posts from some super bloggers. Thanks so much for sharing these!

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