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'Me' Time When Your Husband is Deployed

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One question I tend to get asked by my non-military friends is, “Do you ever get any time to yourself during the deployment?” And my answer is “Yes!”

My husband has been home from Iraq 3 months as of tomorrow. It has been awesome! Sometimes the deployment seems like it was such a long time ago. One nice thing about having him home is being able to get out for some “me” time without the kids and without having to find childcare or a babysitter. However, when he is gone? Well it is a little harder to be able to get out by myself.

During this past deployment I had a close friend that I traded babysitting with. This is ideal because you can both help each other out in the same way. It can take some planning but it can be a great way to have some time alone.

At our old post, we had a scrapbooking night once a month. They would usually have a babysitter on site in a playroom, which was nice. You had to pay for that but it was still very nice to be able to scrapbook with the ladies.

Family has been wonderful to help out too. This past summer I stayed with my parents and was able to have some time alone at least once a week.
There is also the CDC. During both deployments, we got a bunch of free hours. It was very nice.

There are also places like PWOC and our Hospitality house that have childcare available.

Ideally, I would love to have a regular babysitter. Probably a college age girl who could come one night a week. When my husband is home we could have a date night and when he was not I could have some time to myself.

Sometimes just getting out and going to the library/coffee shop, treating myself to ice cream or going on a photo walk for a few hours can totally refresh me!

Another thing I try to do during a deployment is being firm about bedtime. I had to have a few hours to myself each night. I love my children with all my heart but it was nice to tuck them into bed and go grab a bowl of ice cream or go put on a movie.

How do you find time to get away and relax? How do you find “me” time during deployment?

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marcella said...

I love my "me" time and when my husband left I thought it would be easy to have my family help. Well, that didn't happen as everyone has busy lives. I found a website for babysitters that gives military free membership. This was great because they provide free background checks and I had a chance to interview the sitter before the first care job. Now the boys love our sitter. She is a college gal who loves to sit to earn extra money. She is great and I am blessed I had the chance to have my "me" time, because a "happy" mommy is a great mommy! As for bedtime...I lol when I read your blog...I too enjoy my evenings when the boys are asleep! : ) I am in the homestretch and we will be reunited w/my hubby in a couple of months!

Army Well-Being said...

Sara, we appreciate you sharing your thoughts here! There are so many Army spouses who can relate to this stage in the deployment cycle. Thank you!

MyArmyLife said...

Julie, thanks for sharing this ... great post. It's so important to take that time for yourself during deployments ... and so easy to not prioritize it. These are great ideas!!

Marcella, what is the website for military babysitters? That sounds awesome, too!

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